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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 7, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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the blue angels, fleet weekd a plethora of other events.. promising to cause traffic problems ty ts of the bay ar . the blue angels, fleet week and a bunk of other events with some traffic issues today in parts of the bay area. we'll hunt them down for you. >> and off of the -- . >> and the play-offs get off to a slow start for the oakland as and san francisco giants and that so many the beginning. >> really? and looking at sunny skies and changes coming. we'll have all of the details and first, let's get all of the news. >> and it's 8:30, sunday, october 7th. in the next hour, one of the big topics is on the ballot and
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that is proposition 37. >> yeah, genetically modified food should food be abled if it has any part of the genetically modified food in it? >> right, and we're going to sit down with our political insider to look at last week's debate and see how they did or go did not and what to expect from the second part of the ticket. >> and. first, developing news. >> that's right, the search continues for the suspect behind a death of a woman in hercules. the neighbor found her body in the house on ash court friday night. and someone believes that they entered the house from the back. ko suffered a traumatic injury.
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>> we have the supporters to honor her and a great woman a blew outback with the license plate one a1f680 and investigators are still working on a motive from the crime is. -- crime. one day down, san francisco is bracing for more visitors today during the busiest weekend of the year and that begins at 11 this morning with the street fair and we have hardly strictly blue grass and golden gate park. america's park and flight week events on the bay this afternoon. and along with the north beach italian heritage parade and that wraps up this evening with the second game of the giants play-off series they were putting a show on yesterday and
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the embarcadero was one of the areas and that is closed throughout the weekend and turning it into a bicycle and emergency vehicle access lane. and some congestion on the golden gate and bay bridges and not bad, actually. and congestion is nan existent, signaling a lot of people are taking public transportation as we have been advised and 15,000 people took the ferry from the area yesterday. five times. b.a.r.t. had the third busiest weekend day ever with 263,000 passengers. while muni reported a 27% jump in ridership with the e decision of the 49ers game this afternoon at candle stick park and local leaders are urging visitors to speak with public transit and all events can cause the major headaches and we're watching for. >> and start at 12:30, parts of
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columbus avenue will be blocked off for the italian heritage parade. the embarcadero closure combined with the 6:30 pitch for tonight's giants reds game and expected to cause congestion near 2ityet and area as well. watch out on that. 19th avenue and golden gate bridge are clogged up following the bluegrass festival, wrapping up at 7:00 as well and that is not just san francisco. right now, in san jose, the athletes and music lovers are gathering downtown for the annual rock'n'roll half marathon expect the closures in downtown, japantown, and the rose garden area. san jose. and five terror suspects expedited from the united kingdom had their day in court. and they had the pleas in africa. in a courtroom in new york yesterday, the leader radical islamic preacher entered no plea. he is charged with attempting to set up a teritor --
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terrorist training camp in oregon. >> the camps would have trained al qaeda sympathizers here in the united states is come have them trained in explosive training and soldier training. >> two suspects appeared in court in connecticut and entered not guilty pleas for spraying terrorists and afghanistan with cash and equipment. and on to the race for the white house. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney began the final months sprint to election day. romney spends his second day in florida fresh off of the debate trying to keep up the momentum. meanwhile, mr. obama is coming to california for two days of fund raising and a couple of rallies he got a boost and puts the lowest level in the presidency and the president is going to stop in los angeles and san francisco tomorrow and in the town of keen near
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bakersfield and they going to designate a national monument to the former home of latino farm worker leader cesar chavez and chavez who died in 1993d much of the work for farm workers while living in east san jose. and that is not the way bay area fans wanted to start the play-offs, unfortunately. >> and that is still a start. still to come, how the giants and as faired as the post season is in the full swing. >> and is the worst of it over when it comes to the sudden surge in gas prices? the latest numbers from our local metro area. . >> first, clear skies later for the bay area and must be why they call it sunday. the temperatures in the 60s, and parts of san francisco, we'll have the entire forecast after we -- [ indiscernible ]
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california gas prices have t an
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all-time average high . . gas prices, it was bound to happen. >> yes, and sometimes you
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wonder why it doesn't happen more often. they have hit an all-time average high. a gallon of regular unleaded is at $4.73 and the san francisco area. and that is up 5 cents from yesterday and more than 20 cents up from friday. the oakland area is at $4.67 and that is $4.65 in metro san jose set book -- set back in 2008 and now that refineries are back up, the prices some come down next week go to and find the least expensive gas in your area. >> and prices do depend on the station that you're at. i was in cupertino on friday and it was over $5. and a depressing price point to look at and depends where the station is located when the
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owner bought that supply. do take advantage of that on our website, >> and that can mean money this time if you get out there and drive. >> a few clouds out there and going to be a nice sunday. the numbers are going to be cooler than they were yesterday and temperatures are coming down in the 50s for the most part to start things out. the western half of san francisco. around the katabe plain in santa rosa and the east bayshorelines more clouds and much of marin, especially, the south bay waking up to sunshine and that is later in the day and as we approach the toll plaza at the bay bridge, it's overcast there. the weather headlines in the far east and by vacaville, the skies are blue and the sun is
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up. cooling trend, though, begins today and mostly sunny skies, later for everybody and there is that potential story fridays late tuesday and early wednesday. nevertheless, it's the first time this we're we -- year we look to get wet. and this weekend, flight week 52 -- fleet week. 63 degrees on the bay. looks like a nice day and flying. and heaped mostly sunny after starting out partly cloudy. this is the low pressure that is in northern california and that is moving closer to the shoreline and slowly. it will make the landfall late tuesday, south of the bay area and the moisture to the top of the low could produce's few showers late tuesday and on wednesday and today, we'll go mild and out of the bay area, sea for sacramento, yosemite, 59 for a high and that is a
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sign of autumn and 54u rica; 74, ukiah and 63 degrees and sunshine, 68 in heyward and 72 at palo alto, the home of the stanford theatre, which is showing the mummy last night, i think. and the packards help to restore. packard is the student in stanford. 74 degrees at antioch; 76, brentwood; 74, livermore and up in the north bay, the numbers are mostly in the 70s and the beach, stinson, doug error error friendly beach, by the way, the north half of the beach. 63 degrees and in daly city, 61 and in to the city, 62 and ahead, looking for temperatures to recoverer to near 80 degrees by next weekend and in the meantime, the low pressure is going to keep us school by now and wednesday. tuesday night, wednesday, if it gets wet, you heard it here
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first, i hope. and near the coast line, the numbers in the low 60s. next weekend, though, saturday and into the low 80s. and this is supposed to be good weather this time of the year. if you define good weather, sunshine and warm readings, not everyone does. >> okay. >> you're right about that. >> and that is naive. >> last week, it looked the same out there and colder. >> two things first. when i think of you, i didn't think 90 degrees. >> i was going to point that out. the first time -- and call himself naive. >> yeah. >> and with lower pressures in the atmosphere. high pressure, you sweat it out. low pressurers -- lower pressures, relatively cool. raw unprocessed food, if they contain genetically modified organism. >> we asked stacy of the yes -- yes on prop 37 campaign, what
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is involved in genetic engineering and why courages have a right or need to been it. >> the example, taking the jeans of -- jeeps of bacteria and inserting it into the genes of corn and that expresses a toxic insecticide. that type of food is on store shelves right now as of this summer. the first genetically engineered sweet corn and looks like regular corp, but it has the insecticide in it and people have a right to know about it. people have inflammation about genetically engineered foods and a huge majority of people in california and across the country are saying genetically engineered foods should be labeled here, too. and this is a people's movement for a right to know what is in our food. we have at stake the largest health environmental faith labor group on our side. and who is opposed to prop 37
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is the world's learnest pesticides company, unleashed a large thing of desession. >> let's talk about that ad campaign. it's selective and what is required to be labeled, one of the examples, dog food needs to be labeled and meet doesn't. what is your response to that? >> and my response, it's a dishonest ad campaign. if there were questions, they were forced to take it off of the air last week because they misrepresented the stanford affiliation. this is a campaign that tries to convince us we shouldn't have the right to choose to feed the food to our families. >> a lot of people say it should be done on a federal level and not state-by-state and that it would put california food producers at a disadvantage. >> and there is a huge effort to deal with this federally over a million people. i sent petitions to the fda asking for gmao labeling, 19 states tried to legislate including california but haven't been able to get it
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done because of the huge lobby pressure of the pesticide company. >> if we pass this, isn't it still in the realm of the feds and fda? won't they just say take it to court and say you can't do this? >> we're confident this will stand up in court. those labels will apply to california. the whole world is watching california to see if we can get it done and there will be other states moving forward with legislative and initiative attempts -- attempts. >> what -- you say, you that want to inform people. that this is going on is there a feeling this food is not healthy or -- and, again, we put labels on and the ingredients in and what is it, again, that triggered your interest in law to tell people about this? >> we do believe that genetically engineered food specifically are problematic. are there health concerns that
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lead to allergies and other effects showing up in the studies that have been done. environmental problems. just yesterday, the new york time his a story about the massive increases in pesticide use over the last 15 years of genetically-engineered crops, directly tied to the crops. >> is your goal to end genetically modified food? >> our goal is to give consumers the choice. that is how the market's supposed to work, give consumers the information and we decide voiding -- voting with our dollars and making the choices of what we eat and feed our families and what we want in the food system. local baseball fans, this is not the time to get too concerned. not yet. >> no, can you get nervous. the play-off started off on the wrong foot for the green and gold and orange and black. but, today is another day. highlights in the weekend. continues. cerned over clashes between syria and turkey. we don't call this our company, we call this our mission.
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. welcome back. defense secretary leon panetta is concerned over clashes between syria and turkey. >> a lot of people worried that the violence can spread to neighboring countries, turkey and syria. again, traded artillery fire yesterday. turkey is turkey is not going to tolerate things like that, the killing of its people.
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panetta is using diplomatic channels to talk the two nations off of the path of war if that is possible. >> and this their is a -- that president obama lost the first debate to mitt romney. >> now, the first crucial first encounter passed. what do the candidates need to do to keep it going or get the momentum back going? we fut putt that question to former san francisco mayor willie brown and the chronicle's joe garafoli. what should they do? >> obama has to re-establish his dominance on the intellectual side, on the -- [ indiscernible ] side, he has to re-establish his dominance on the excitement side. can he do that? i don't know. >> and mitt romney? >> mitt romney has to keep going, keep plowing through in the same way. he was concise and crisp. like the ceo and chief that he aspires to be. >> it was interesting. this is the first time i ever recalled seeing the former massachusetts governor mitt romney show up on stage.
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until now, he's been completely avoiding, you never would have known he was the governor in massachusetts. met last debate, everything was governors of massachusetts. >> he was proud to talk about what happened with the school system in massachusetts. >> he was very proud to talk about healthcare and more importantly, when they asked the question about what would you do to change the environment in the cooperation, absence thereof in washington, he literally talked about how he did it and with 70% of the people being democrats who have the job. >> okay. is this -- what are the conservatives doing about this and this is mitt romney's move to the middle? >> they will grit their teeth and appreciate it as long as he's moving upwards in the polls. we don't know if he's going to get a bounce at all from the debate. we'll see in a couple of days. >> and this is -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> win, baby, win, baby. >> this is the new mitt romney and the win, baby, win. it's the al davis philosophy.
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just win, davis. >> no matter what, i believe he gets a bump, and i believe that bump will come from the crisp nature of his responses. he sounded like the common man. he did not sound like bain capital exploiting everyone who is part of a everyone in% for the 3%. he sounded like the guy from the streets. he sounded like the guy that i walked by almost every day working on the job on the same payroll. >> and he -- conservatives want him to go at obama and to express their anger with him and frustration with them. that is what he did. >> amazing. i never thought i would hear democrat willie brown say that. if i was mitt romney's people, i would grab this segment and turn it into a michelle. >> no, not really. i am being very candid. as a matter of fact, if you read my column, you would know that i said these are the things that mitt romney needs to do in order to be competitive and the debate.
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park air -- apparently he read it. >> apparently, the president didn't because mr. brown said he would be playing ropey dopey at the beginning and come out swing. instead, he was ropey dopey through the entire debate. >> i don't think he did that poorly, though. that is the thing. i think mitt romney did so well that it made him look a little worse. the expectations were a little bit higher. >> and looks a lot of what presidential television debates are about. it's how candidates present themselves. let's be honest. the average person listening to that debate, they didn't understand half of it. you were talking tax and medicare and the shifting of tremendous of dollars this way -- trillions of dollars this way and that way. it was the messenger rather than the message and that is how politics is. has been since the days of washington. >> it's true. we'll find out more about the vice presidential debate coming up later on this week and what we can expect in our next half hour. meantime, a double disappointment yesterday for bay area baseball fans.
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>> you would have to bring that up. >> but, local college football teams on each side of the bay bounced back with double wins. here's more. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. am i going see everybody at the 49er-bills game? i better. it's on cbs 5, post quarter show following that game. and staying for football yesterday. got huge wins at carolina state. we're talking about the baseball play-off. brandon phillips take matt cane deep. the nlds game one last night, the reds were up 2-0. up 5-2. ties run and buster piecey in the 9th and -- buster posey in the 9th and ends it. later on the day, what about the as? they're in detroit and that is cocoa crisp yesterday. back away, gone. the as led 1-0 over the tigers and then justin verlander said, okay, i will settle it from here. he knocked back 11 strikeouts.
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a, struck out 14 times. although the as could have tied it here. brandon, the man aboard and almost put it out and landing in the leather. the as lose game one, 3-1. and college football. what about a walkoff touchdown? taylor, they beat arizona, 54 history 48. and cal -- 54-48, and cal, grotto and ucla, maynard and keenan allen, the two half- brothers hooked up a couple of times. cal led big, 42-72 and late and a big win for cal on the grid iron. speaking of grid iron, candle stick park. the bills-niners, cbs 5. we'll see you later. >> a lot of hot stuff. >> got it there, vern. mean while, san jose state had this weekend off but is hosting utah state next saturday as part of the homecoming weekend and that should be a game. and in major league soccer, a hat trick from the earthquake's
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tricks. and clenched the title with it 4-1 victory over colorado yesterday. the quake's warren chavez scored the first goal, 95 seconds into the game. and that must have been something. >> we have a lot to come here in the next half hour of our broadcast. >> and that is right. tragedy in a church of all places. what led to a bay area accident that took the life of the young girl. >> and later, what can be done to get apathetic people to vote? they have tried just about anything. why not cranberries? a lot coming up.
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(noise from plane) the blue angels, among a wed of big events... promising o cause traffic problems today in ps promising to cause traffic problems today in parts of e bay area. . the blue angels among a weekend of big events in the bay area promising to cause traffic problems if you're not careful in the bay area. tragedy at a bay area church. what led to an accident that took a young girl's life. her mother is still in the hospital. >> we're starting the day with some low clouds in the bay and sunny skies in much of moran. and changing for everybody by late tuesday. we'll tell you how. first, we have to check in. >> that's right, frankie, brian. welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:00. i'm phil. >> i'm ann. lotsta to talk about the next half hour -- lots to talk about the next half hour, obviously a huge weekend in the bay area, san francisco and in
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particular, i get to -- got to spend time at the emergency operations center. they have been planning here in the year to make sure everything runs smoothly. >> and that is not just france. i mean we have stuff going in the peninsula and the rock'n'roll rundown in san jose and we have it's going to turn out l. i can't say the same thing. >> we had a wild night. >> and they got crazy saturday night. the violence broke out this morning and police say about 2 this morning. several people got into a brawl at broadway and on montgomery street. one person and the 23-year-old man was punched in the face and knocked unconscious and take tonight hospital. and his injuries are life threatening. investigators say the man who punched him drove away in a white car. >> and today, san francisco, however, is set to welcome more visitors as fart of -- part of a jam-packed weekend and and
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for the final day and there is the america's cup yacht racing, and with the italian heritage parade and north beach area and that is ramped up with that and in there, we're going to -- the blue angels. yesterday, put on quite a show for spectators in san francisco's marina district. the embarcadero, that was the hotspot for what gridlock we had and they closed one of the roads northbound lanes all weekend from bicycles and pedestrians and emergency vehicle access. surprisingly traffic on the bay area bridges was light and people ditched their cars and held the public transit. san francisco's ferry operations reported record ridership of roughly 15,000 passengers and b.a.r.t.
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and muni up by 20%. they can cause major headaches on the roadway as well. >> and to be on the closure, parts of columbus avenue blocked off. and that starts at 12:30. the embarcadero closure combined with a 631st pitch for tonights giants-reds game expected to cause congestion on 280 near the swings street -- kings street exit. and the golden gate bridge expected to be backed up following the blue grass festival and in san jose, the athletes and music lovers are gathering downtown for the annual rock'n'roll half marathon and that is getting underway. there are several street closures in parts of downtown san jose, gat aptown and the rose garden area. >> a six-year-old is dead, her mother in the hospital after a car slammed into them in a daly city church marking area. the little -- parking area. the little girl died in the hospital. the mother and another woman are in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. the driver has not been
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charged. and in the east bay, the search continues in hercules for suspects behind the death of a woman there. the neighbor found susie ko's body in the house of hers on ash court friday night. the investigators say that she suffered from a traumatic injury. she was pronounced dead on the scene. the family car is missing also and believed to be stolen. a blue 2011 subaru outback with idaho license plate 1a1f680. investigators are still working on a motive for the crime. 904. lots coming up in the next half hour. >> just ahead, the death toll is inches higher. experts deal with the meningitis outbreak in the u.s. >> and if you're heading to strictly blue grass, you will find some clouds in the western half of san francisco this morning and that will be on the chilly side. bundle up. 61 degrees forecast high there and the forecast for everybody is coming up in a minute. eningitis
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. >> say you're heading east out of the bay area. the nowhere half of the sacramento valley is pleasant, 78 at redding; 73, sacramento; 81 at fresno and we'll have the forecast in a minute.
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. a number of people killed in the u.s. in a rare
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meningitis outbreak rose to seven. the centers for disease control and prevention said the infection spread to 60 people across nine states. the outbreak is linked to a steroids produced by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. the steroids has been recalled. it's 9:08. a lot of people wondering how many layers they should be wearing around the bay area today in. >> we're here with all of the answers as we're looking at the low overcast starting the day in the east bayshoreline and in parts of san francisco and up into sonoma county around santa rosa and cloudy skies. elsewhere, south bay and marin county for the first part. there is sunshine and to the east bay, they have the low clouds to start out with and not for long. the numbers are in the mid-50s, santa rosa, cooler at 52 and with some cloudy skies and san jose has 54; san jose is up to the mid-70s today and as we look from the highest point to
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solano county, that is mount vaca with sunshine in the east bay. the cooling trend begins and. >> mostly sunny skies rest of the bay area and showers, maybe, the first time we talked about that this year. and this is a potential. you will see why in a minute. hardly strictly, 61. and maybe 62. 63 degrees at fleet week. if you're going to be around the bay, of course, warmer to the east bay. as they zip around baywide, the low pressure to northern california and that continuings to sit and spin anded if is mild and mostly sunny skies out of this and as that inches to the shoreline, the circulation count clockwise means on the top side of the low. tuesday night, we could bring up some subtropical moisture from the south land that can
9:10 am
trigger a few showers and this is giving us a glimpse of the low clouds hanging this afternoon. and they peel back to the shoreline and fill in again big time overnight and he will start the day with gun metal gray skies. for us, we'll get sunshine. out tomorrow, sfo looks good. no weather -- no weather- related delays there. hub check, denver, chicago, new york, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and today is not a bad day to travel or on monday. for the bay area, not a bad day to stay home either. sunny skies, san jose into the mid-70s, santa clare, 73; redwood city, 71 degrees and by the shoreline, on the cool side, half moon bay by my left ears, 63 degrees and 62 at civic and hayward. in the east bay, we'll look at numbers in the mid-70s,
9:11 am
starting out with the low clouds in the east bayshore line along the callaberras fault and sunny skies to pleasanton and in the mid-70s. the north bay, pretty good. sonoma, 71 degrees and a beautiful place to go and ever go to the sebastieni though iter? >> no. i'll take him this afternoon. 71, peta lime a., 70, san jose and the extended forecast, looking for numbers to be mostly in the mid- to low 70s, even in what are typically the warmest likes in the bay area and this is when we get the grand reversal and climate in the bay area. the summer time, east bay is warmest. in the winter time, it's often the east bay that is coolest and we're transitioning. the inland numbers are coming down and they will this week and don't forget, a possibility of a sprinkle or two wednesday night, tuesday morning and warming it up next weekend. >> all right. >> just a possibility. >> just a chance. >> and we newt gingrich have to
9:12 am
go continuous coverage on that. >> okay. and should a california require labeling of food containing genetically modified organisms? that is the question before california voters with prop 37. >> that's right, and supporters say that everybody has the right to know what is in their food and that is a simple idea. this morning, kathy fairbanks explain yes there is a no campaign. >> reporter: it will lead to a rise in lawsuits against grocers, food companies and family farmers. it will increase state beaurocracy and courages grocery bill and -- couples the grocery bill and exemptions not makes sense. >> let's talk about the grocery bills, that is what is important to people now. if food producers, they have to change their labels after few -- every few years, anyway, so why not have them put that on there while at it? >> because, consumers would view a label under proposition 37 as a warning. that something was wrong with
9:13 am
the food. and, in fact, genetically modified food or ingredients are no different than any other ingredients or crop. and that is why they don't require labeling today. the federal food and drug administration said that the foods are not materially different. in other words, our bodies process them the exact way. >> and -- californians, americans, let's be honest. when somebody's walking out of a supermarket with a can of energy drink and three bags of chips, they going to eat whatever they want to eat. >> right. >> what actual percentage of the population is going to be affected by this -- actually care what is going into the food and change their buying habits? >> i think that people are interested in what is in their food. so are we. won't to provide fact-based information for consumers and has scientific evidence. the proponents of proposition 37 recognized that the measure would be essential putting a skull and cross bones on the product. that is what the big of the
9:14 am
funder called the proposition 37 label. a skull and cross bone and that is not the case. the specific evidence is leave theming -- overwhelmingly clear that genetically engineered food are safe, they have been endorsed by the national academy of sciences, the world health organization and the american medical association voted at the annual meeting three months ago in june that there is no special labeling needed for bioengineering food. >> a lot of concern is that there is not enough research that has been done. things like allergens and whatnot. the products have been around a couple of decades but maybe that is not enough to know long- term effects. >> there have been studies done, more than 400 studies and they have been in the food supply for 20-plus years and we have eaten trillions and trillions of servings. there has been no scientifically based problems with this food. and really, you know, this is more than just a debate about genetically engineered food. this is about proposition 37. about a measure on the ballot
9:15 am
on november 6th and people who have looked at it not just our campaign, don't believe me, but the overwhelming majority of editorial boards in california have urged the voters to reject that. >> okay, we are talking a lot about labeling. >> yeah. >> what are -- you said you had other concerns. you said out of the gate it was not about labeling. >> it's not. >> what are the other ones? >> it was drafted by an tern that this will allow attorneys a brand now avenue to sue grocery store retailers, food companies and family farmers alleging that they violated the terms of proposition 37. >> and they can go ahead and not violate the process. >> that's what i'm saying, they would be following the law and could get sued still. that is the problem. that is the problem. in fact, the chronicle, edward, in their editorial, said it would be costly for consumers and a legal nightmare, for those who grow and process the food. most grow would say and good
9:16 am
intentions don't mean a valid initiative. >> we'll see what voters have to sea. as we have been talking about, a big weekend of events in the bay area. >> and just ahead, we're going to look at the local music festival going despite heavy hearts.
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strictly bluegrass festiva'n san . >> one of the many big events going on around the bay area. the blue grass festival is going in golden gate park. they expect over 300,000 people to attend. today's the final day and this year's festival pays tribute to the late founder, warren hillmond who passed away last december. if you haven't noticed, debate season is underway in the coming thursday. the opposing candidates for vice president will be facing
9:19 am
off. >> and will it be worth watch something. >> i think so. >> okay, we put that question to former san francisco mayor willie brown who had done his share of debates and watched him and the chronicle's joe garafoli. >> this is must-so tv. this is pure entertainment value. there is nothing that beats it vice presidential debate. you have a great contrast in styles, you will have paul ryan coming in there with all of his facts and figures and joe biden will be tearing up or screaming at every other juncture. it's going to be marvelous television -- marvelous television. >> does anyone care about this? >> joe biden is going to make sure they do. he will give you enough shots so you that will be able to quote him the rest of the month. >> and that is not going to be anywhere close to the biden- pailen where everybody was marching. >> no, no. >> which is the highest rated debate four years ago and people wanted to see that because sarah palin was the trust this, paul ryan is not a draw in this way, unless he takes off his shirt, perhaps. >> i think paul ryan is going
9:20 am
to be a drag. he doesn't on he doesn't express himself in the way it relates to anyone in who is in the room. >> this past week -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> this past week, we saw moderate mit appear at the debate. he went from being the conservative to we can get long to we can work together, the healthcare time, the time as governor in massachusetts and ryan is still a conservative. won't the democrats try to draw him out saying this is what romney-ryan tech set about? >> absolutely. joe biden foras asplasid as obama was the other night, biden will be as tough. he's going to throw out red meat and go after ryan on his stance on abortion, women's issues. he's going to hit the social issues and it's going to be about foreign policy, which ryan has very, very limited experience. >> and medicare. i imagine he will try to deliver what obama didn't, the message that, in their opinion, the republicans are going to mess with medicare, right? >> by the end of the debate, the the world will assume that
9:21 am
paul rysunis spending the $716 million of medicare money. it won't continue to be obama and biden will make sure that happens. >> but he has a propensity for putting his foot in his mouth? >> that is what makes it great television. you don't know what is going to happen or he's going to say. >> great television. okay. [ laughter ] this is civics, okay in. >> for political views, it's great television. >> and this is such an incredible contrast in age. >> yeah. >> ryan looks like he's 25 and biden looks like he's three times 25. so, it's going to be interesting from that standpoint as well. >> and i am sure that we were going be watching it. >> oh, yes. >> okay. >> we'll have comments for you, i'm sure, next sunday morning right here. >> analysis on the post analysis as well. how's that in. >> exactly. not enough talk to go around. coming up, one local look at the morning's top stories. >> and how's this one forget out the vote campaign? what politics and cranberry,
9:22 am
cranberries? what they might be, a good mix. >> we'll be right back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
the search continues this . well, let's look at the morning's top stories. >> the search continues right now for a motive and any suspects. behind the desk of a americaalize woman. susie ko was found dead in her home. the family car was missing and has been since friday night. >> and we have the beginning of another busy day this weekend in san francisco. we have fleet week, the blue grass festival and straight fairs, we have the giants and the 49ers. those are some of the events today expected to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors into the city. >> a disappointing day for bay area baseball fans and local teams lost their season opener and game two of the as-tigers
9:25 am
series got underway. the giants will take on the reds@at&t park around tonight and that is looking like some dewept weather. >> and start outing with low clouds and that is normal. a forecast hive 70 in santa rosa and in san francisco, 62 and the same at the coast in pacificca. oakland, 69; san jose, 73 and fairfield, which last weekend was up to 103 degrees and lots of sunshine. wednesday, 72; tuesday night, wednesday morning and the potential of a few showers and south of the golden gate and staying tuned on that and with the latest and and 10 degrees
9:26 am
warmer. today, it's living up to its name. >> and going to the bluegrass festival? >> i think that is a great idea if you're going to san francisco, period. >> that side of san francisco. >> yeah. >> and you go there -- . >> you will freeze your kiester either way. >> and you won't. >> that is the foolish thing, guys. >> that is the weatherky use. we have some driving reminders for you, too and if you're heading into the city. and mainly along the embarcadero, won't to remind you about the routes closed today and on columbus avenue, blocked off the italian heritage parade at 12:30 and the embarcadero closure with the giants game tonight, and expected to cause a lot of congestion on 280 near the king street exit and 19th avenue expected to be backed up
9:27 am
following the blue grass festival ending at 7 tonight. >> and into san jose, we have the athletes and music lovers and there is going to be street close ours los angeles and rose garden area as well. and it was interesting, i was talking with the police chief friday. we had him on friday morning and he said what is your advice this weekend in wherever you're traveling. wherever you're heading, the first time you see an open parking space, take it. >> very good advice. >> and take it from there. you will walk and take a cab. >> auction it off. >> and if you so a -- parking spot, just take it, wherever it is. >> and they say take public transporting a. the swing state of wisconsin will play a big role in mix month's presidential
9:28 am
election. >> and the number one berry industry is urging people to get out and vote to pick a carndidate. >> and harvesting it, and that sends voters a message. >> and you can see it there. and learning about cranberries helps to shape the idea. >> and let's look at the weather. >> what else do you want to look at? >> do we have any questions? >> and some cranberries. >> and that is it for eyewitness news. >> thank you for staying with us this morning. enjoy your sunday. whatever you want to do around the bay area. enjoy it. >> and that is everything -- [ indiscernible ]
9:29 am
this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.


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